When it comes to kitchen renovations in Sydney, there are numerous pathways that individuals take in regard to getting a new kitchen. Contemporary new kitchen designs can sometimes be hard to come by. Therefore, whether you are going to carry out renovations on your own, through a project home builder, an interior designer, or directly through a kitchen company, there are many factors to consider. Our expert kitchen renovations team in Sydney have compiled a list of the typical pathways to getting a new kitchen along with their pros and cons in order to help you decide the best way to go ahead with your own kitchen renovation.


Many homeowners who are looking to save money on a contemporary kitchen renovation will often opt to build the kitchen themselves. Carrying out a DIY kitchen renovation means you need to invest a lot of your time to research, design and build as well as being “handy” and good at managing a project. A great way to research new kitchen designs is to look through online tutorials for advice and instructions.

A DIY kitchen can potentially save you a lot of money. However, the need to manage the project can be made very complicated by the multiple trades needed – plumbers, electricians, benchtop installers, rangehood ducting installers and tilers, to name a few. Along with many DIY applications, the quality of the installation is only as good as your abilities and knowledge and hence can take a long time to complete if you also have other responsibilities like parenting or work.

Through A Project Home Builder

For people building a new home with a Project Home Builder, their kitchens are usually low in cost, provided you don’t make too many alterations to your new kitchen designs. Even though a project home builder may seem like an ideal option for your contemporary kitchen renovation, there are quite a few limitations that come along with following this certain pathway.

You are typically locked into a contract with the builder for them to supply the kitchen, so it can be difficult and expensive for you to go elsewhere for the kitchen. Contact with the builder’s kitchen manufacturer also does not usually occur as the kitchen is designed and specific through the builder.

Most project home builders have a standard kitchen design that goes with the design of the home you’ve picked. The choice of finishes, fittings and materials are often limited in order to reduce costs, so if you wish to make any alterations to the standard design, you will incur extra charges.

Through An Interior Designer

Many homeowners (particularly from more affluent suburbs) will choose an interior designer when changing the interior of the home. The interior designer will often ask to design the new kitchen and will specify a manufacturer.

The interior designer will then put a commission/management fee on top of the price for the kitchen. They will generally have a preferred kitchen manufacturer that they work with or will shop around for quotes on your behalf.

On the other hand, interior designers are generally the most expensive option for your kitchen renovation in Sydney due to third parties being involved. Interior designer also do not specialise in new kitchen designs and may not have in-depth knowledge of how kitchens and joinery are made.

Directly Through A Kitchen Company

Carrying out kitchen renovations directly through a kitchen company is the most common way people go about getting a kitchen. There are lots of manufacturers to choose from – from many smaller family-owned kitchen companies to large national companies with multiple showroom locations and manufacturing facilities. With many companies to choose from, you will need to assess which one is right for you. Reviews or referrals are a great starting point.

Kitchen companies are of great value. You are dealing directly with a company that knows how to design kitchens without complications, and they are able to build them efficiently. Along with avoiding management fees and commissions charged by third parties, you are receiving a practical new kitchen design. Kitchen designers are educated and well-practised in designing kitchens. You also have the ability to see the quality of their work via a showroom and are able to speak directly to the people designing and making the kitchen, being able to be entirely involved in the decision-making process.

Renovating with Dan Kitchens Australia

Here at Dan Kitchens, we have a long history of working with homeowners all over Sydney and its surroundings, with a proven track record of delivering quality projects with exceptional service (evidenced by a myriad of online reviews). Much like the craftspeople of Denmark, Dan Kitchens places a high emphasis on good, practical design utilising the best materials and fittings. We are well-versed in taking on complicated residential builds.

All of our projects are completely project managed in-house and unique to Dan Kitchens, our excellent staff are present to oversee benchtop installers, plumbers, electricians etc when they are in your home. This gives homeowners peace of mind that their home is being looked after and your kitchen will be completed to our high standards.


Start Your Luxury Kitchen Renovations In Sydney Today

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