The Dan Kitchens Luxury Kitchen Showroom in Sydney

On par with Scandinavia’s best, the Dan Kitchens luxury kitchen showroom has for over 40 years showcased Sydney’s most sophisticated and refined custom kitchens and joinery, custom made in the adjoining production complex.

Spacious and elegantly appointed, the showroom is favoured by architects, interior designers and clients alike. The Dan Kitchens luxury kitchen showroom has long been on the “must see” list for Sydneysiders and regional visitors seeking quality and inspiration.

Centrally located showroom

With projects spread across greater Sydney and regional NSW, the Dan Kitchens bespoke kitchen design showroom is conveniently situated near the junction of the M2 and M7 motorways.

Located next to the Dan Kitchens production complex, the facility brings together design and manufacturing. If something is not on display in the showroom, a sample can often be found in the factory. As opposed to most kitchen showrooms in Sydney, there are no distance barriers to overcome. The design team can consult with the production team and offer true, tailor made solutions with confidence and peace of mind. While most of the industry has gone modular and outsourced their manufacturing to the same handful of third party companies, Dan Kitchens decision to locate the showroom next to their factory was an obvious decision that has proven correct for over thirty years.

Exquisite materials and fine craftsmanship

See how well a stunning, four and a half meter long marble island looks next to a stainless steel benchtop. This grand polyurethane and veneer display takes pride of place in the Dan Kitchens luxury kitchen showroom in Sydney.

Be surrounded by full size luxury kitchen displays and get a sense of what a difference good design, high quality materials, skilled fabrication and installation can make. Directly linked to the factory, the Dan Kitchens custom kitchen design showroom is open 6 days a week.

Seven Hills or Copenhagen?

If you have never visited the manufacturing hub of Seven Hills you may feel it is a long way from where you live. The good thing is, it is much closer than Copenhagen, the epicentre of luxury Danish design and manufacture.

When you enter the Dan Kitchens Australia showroom in Seven Hills, you will quickly forget about the journey.

You will be immersed in a unique contemporary kitchen & joinery showroom that will quite frankly “blow you away”. Experience design and craftsmanship on a level you have never experienced before, unless of course, you have been to the very best design houses in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We look forward to making you welcome in our luxury kitchen showroom in Sydney.

Showroom Location & Opening Hours


26 Prime Drive

Opening Hours

10:00 AM until 3:00 PM
Monday to Saturday
(Closed public holidays)



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