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Dan Kitchens has offered a comprehensive Kitchen & Joinery Design Service for well over two decades.

The Design Service is favoured by clients looking for quality advice, intelligent problem solving and a refined execution of their kitchen or joinery project. It is accessed equally by clients undertaking small kitchen renovations and those embarking on more substantial extensions or new builds.

The Design Team

A skilled team of in-house designers from a variety of disciplines are based at the Dan kitchens Design Studio at Seven Hills in Western Sydney.

Available by appointment, the Dan Kitchens design team are all company employees with many years of design experience – they are not commission-based sales people. The design team are equally confident working with or taking over from architects and other industry specialists that the client may have already consulted or engaged.

What to expect from the Design Service

Once the design process has been agreed to, one of the team will take the lead and manage the process from beginning to end. At a site meeting, or, if working off plans, at a meeting in the Dan Kitchens design studio, questions are asked regarding desired layout, style, finishes, appliances, budget, timing, etc…

Notes are taken, and, if meeting on site, the space is measured and photographed.

Once satisfied that the brief has been understood, a scaled plan of the space is created and different layouts are considered.

With over 30 years of experience working with varied and challenging projects, Dan Kitchens will consider structural changes and spatial solutions that others might have shied away from or missed altogether.

Clients are consulted and a fresh brief may be requested if substantial problems or challenges regarding the project are encountered.

Once an optimal layout has been identified, a detailed, hand drawn floor plan accompanied by a photo realistic illustration is readied for presentation, usually ten to fifteen working days after the brief was taken.

The Presentation

Presentations take place at the Dan Kitchens Design Studio. Two hours should be allowed for a typical project. All decision makers or persons with a vested interest in the project should attend the presentation.

During the presentation, samples will be on hand. Inspection of relevant elements in the showroom or under production in the factory will help to explain the design and make understanding it easier.

It is usually very clear if the design has met with approval – especially when the very realistic image has been revealed.  If the proposal, as presented, failed to please or, worse still, was wrong and did not meet the brief, the presentation process would be paused and a fresh brief would be invited.

Sometimes, the kitchen illustration brings on a sudden change of mind regarding intended colours, finishes, layouts and so on. If only minor changes are required, these can be dealt with later, allowing the presentation to continue. Major revisions (such as a layout change) would most likely mean a rescheduled presentation at a later date.

Appointing of Dan Kitchens or choosing to purchase the plans

Once satisfied that the design meets the objectives and that all important questions have been answered, costings are discussed. Detailed breakdowns of the various elements are presented.

On completion of the presentation stage, clients are fully empowered to make their own decision whether to proceed with an order or to pay the relevant design fee and be under no further obligation.

Most clients happily appoint Dan Kitchens as their cabinetmaker. An order is placed with the factory and tentative installation dates are set. All Design Service fees are waived in full.

The emphasis turns towards finalising the design for production. It is important to note that the design team follows the project throughout production and installation till the handover stage and beyond.

The Dan Kitchens Design Service was specifically separated from the production side of the business over twenty years ago. The introduction of design service fees allowed the company to create a dedicated design department staffed by a team of experts, not by freelance, commission-based salespeople.

Terms and conditions are explained in full and a signed Design Service agreement form is required before the commencement of work on a project. Clients are invited to visit or call to discuss their project before taking any further steps. Being fully aware of all conditions and comfortable with likely budgets means that there should be no surprises at the other end of the process.

Call the Dan Kitchens team about the Design Service

If you’re ready to organise a Kitchen Design Service or you’ve got a few further questions about it, contact the Dan Kitchens Team.


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