January 26, 2023

Timber: The Natural Material Transforming Kitchens in 2023

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With the start of a new year comes new kitchen trends and predictions for the year ahead. Kitchens are becoming the most luxurious space in the home, with people showcasing their style and design through their material and colour scheme choices. Homeowners are striving to create a space that is functional whilst making the space feel inviting for the family. 

The rise of timber being used in kitchens was starting to become popular in 2022, although the timber rise and transformation are set to take over in 2023. Timber is an extremely versatile natural material that is used in a variety of luxury kitchen designs such as modern or contemporary styles to create the look you desire. 

Whether you are planning kitchen renovations Sydney or are building your dream luxury kitchen from scratch, these are some tips about the rise in timber kitchen transformations set for 2023. 

Timber Kitchens in 2023

The timber look within kitchens is set to continue in 2023. With this being said, many people are opting for timber veneer over natural timber. Timber veneer is commonly used for kitchen doors and panels which is compromised of a few millimetres of timber that is glued onto an mdf or particle board substrate. As this option may not be ideal for some people due to pricing, we are seeing a rise in the use of imitation wood which has a wide variety of products to choose from, with some closely resembling a natural timber look compared to others. Certain varieties of imitation wood which closely resemble natural timber replicate the natural pits and undulations of the timber grain to give a similar effect to natural timber.

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Benefits of Using Timber in Kitchens

Timber is often used in luxury kitchen designs due to its level of uniqueness, as no two timber grains are alike. Timber looks more alive as it is a natural and renewable product which makes the timber more appealing to some people due to its level of exclusivity.  Timber colourings can range from quite light to a dark deep timber colour with unique grains which suits a variety of existing kitchen colour schemes and styles.

As timber is available in a wide variety of tones, many people opt for lighter and cooler-toned timber to achieve the bright and open aesthetic style they are striving for. On the other hand, many people opt for a deeper timber colour to achieve contrast and a sense of warmth and character which has been popular within homes and kitchens for years due to the idea of the kitchen being an entertaining space for families and friends. As timber is a natural material, it is a great choice if you are looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly material to use within your home and kitchen. 

Examples of Timber in Luxury Kitchens

Two-tone kitchens have been growing in popularity due to their style versatility. Whether the style you are wishing for is a modern kitchen or a contemporary style kitchen, timber can be used in a two-tone style to compliment your design. Many opt to utilise timber in their two-tone kitchens to demonstrate a contrast between the island bench and their cabinetry, or between the higher and lower storage cupboards. 

Not only can timber be incorporated into the cabinetry or island bench of your kitchen, but it is also a great option when used as accents throughout your space such as unique doors, detailed panelling or additional shelving such as drawer internals and inserts. Timber is often used in furniture choices and household items. These aspects may include timber handles which many people opt for a classic American Oak or American Walnut, kitchen drawer inserts such as drawer dividers, spice trays and plate organisers or throughout furniture such as bar stools at an island kitchen bench or pendant lighting. As an accessory, timber is often chosen as a fruit bowl or chopping board to add the element of a natural material through decor pieces within the kitchen and home. 

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Timber is a great option for flooring in high-traffic areas such as a kitchen due to its durability, strength and low maintenance. Not only is timber a functional flooring choice, but the colourings and toning can work for both your kitchen and throughout the entirety of your home, seamlessly fitting in with your style and design. The choice of timber flooring reflects this shift towards natural materials being used throughout both kitchens and the entirety of people’s homes. 

Designing and Building your Luxury Kitchen with Dan Kitchens

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