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February 5, 2024

New Kitchen Renovations: Should I Purchase My Kitchen Appliances Before or After Seeing A Kitchen Company?

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Embarking on a kitchen renovation often brings with it a host of decisions, with one of the most significant being the choice of appliances. It’s a task that, at first glance, might seem straightforward – simply pick out what you need and fit it into the space. However, the reality is more complex and warrants a strategic approach. 

This article explores an important dilemma faced by many homeowners: Is it better to buy your kitchen appliances before or after consulting with a kitchen renovation company? It might seem like an irrelevant afterthought, but really, the answer could significantly influence the success of your entire renovation project. 

Basic, Functional Reasons 

Before you purchase any appliances for your kitchen renovation, it’s important that you do visit your chosen kitchen renovation company. But why? 

Well, there’s a whole host of reasons that we’ll address, but in short, it allows you to make informed decisions that marry functionality with quality design. 

Appliance and Access Logistics

It’s probably not until you attempt to complete a kitchen renovation that you’ll appreciate that the journey of an appliance from the store to your kitchen is fraught with logistical challenges. For instance, if you’ve bought the latest, state-of-the-art refrigerator, but on delivery day, a harsh reality hits. You simply can’t get it into your apartment as the elevator isn’t big enough, or your front door is too narrow. And the larger the appliance, the trickier it gets. 

A very tight fit for this freestanding Subzero refrigerator and built in wine fridge

A very tight fit for this freestanding Subzero refrigerator and built in wine fridge

Navigating tight corners, narrow passageways, or small elevators can be challenging. Sometimes, small details like the width of a hallway or the height of a lift can determine whether your chosen appliance can be a part of your dream kitchen. These logistical nightmares can be very difficult to manage, especially when you’re not prepared for them.

Weight Considerations

The experts at kitchen renovation companies can be worth their weight in gold, and in more ways than you might recognise. Their expertise in weight considerations is just one of these factors, and homeowners don’t consider this before buying an appliance. However, this is a crucial consideration, especially for heavy-duty items like commercial-grade ovens or massive double-door refrigerators. The weight of these appliances can be significant, and not all floor structures are built to withstand such loads. Kitchen renovation experts are adept at navigating these nuances, and they can advise you on suitable options to improve the structural strength of your floor or help you select alternative appliances. 

Built in wine fridge

Built in wine fridge

Benchtop Depth

Even if you’re blessed with wide hallways and can comfortably bypass access issues, you may be disappointed when the time comes to physically install your appliance. Standard appliances are typically designed for benchtops with a depth of 600-660mm. However, in smaller kitchens, where saving every inch is crucial, the first element of the design to suffer a cutback is often the depth of the benchtop. Hence, it’s common for homeowners to find their cooktop, oven, sink or dishwasher may not fit properly. This is where the foresight of a kitchen renovation expert becomes invaluable. They can ensure that your kitchen design accommodates your appliances perfectly, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

It's important to ensure the benchtops are deep enough to accommodate appliances like cooktops and sinks

It’s important to ensure the benchtops are deep enough to accommodate appliances like cooktops and sinks

Technical Reasons

When considering a kitchen renovation, the technical aspects of appliance selection are as critical as the functional ones. It’s not just about what fits; it’s about what optimally enhances your kitchen’s efficiency and aesthetic appeal. This is where the expertise of a kitchen renovation company becomes indispensable.

Choosing the Right Appliance

Imagine your typical day in the kitchen. Do you see yourself preparing quick meals, or do you indulge in elaborate cooking? Perhaps you host dinner parties frequently? The array of appliances available today can cater to every specific need, but pinpointing the right one for your lifestyle can be difficult. That’s where an experienced kitchen designer can assist you because these nuances are their bread and butter. They are your culinary matchmakers, ready to pair you with appliances that align perfectly with your daily routines and cooking style, ensuring your kitchen is not just a showpiece but a functional heart of your home.

Guided Appliance Selection

It might seem easy to find the right fridge for you. But have you ever attempted to select a single model from the myriad of options available in an appliance store? It can be very overwhelming, but that’s where a kitchen renovation specialist can help. Many kitchen renovation professionals offer a personalised service and willingly accompany you at the appliance retailer. But do check with your chosen kitchen designer whether they receive any commissions on the sale of appliances because ideally, they will not. Their unbiased expertise and guidance can steer you away from flashy features you might never use and focus on what genuinely adds value to your kitchen functionality.

Sometimes appliances need specialists to install them

Sometimes appliances need specialists to install them

Harmonising Appliance Ranges

The art of kitchen design often lies in the harmony of its components. Many appliance brands design their products as part of a cohesive range, ensuring uniformity in style, sizing, and controls. This uniformity is not just visually pleasing but also enhances usability. However, if you prefer mixing and matching different brands, a kitchen designer’s stylistic insight can be invaluable. They possess the keen eye needed to blend different styles, ensuring that your kitchen maintains a cohesive and elegant look regardless of the brands you opt for.

The appliance material here is consistent even across brands (Wolf and Sub Zero)

The appliance material here is consistent even across brands (Wolf and Sub Zero)

Long-term Appliance Reliability

A significant yet often overlooked aspect of appliance selection is foreseeing long-term reliability and maintenance. Kitchen companies, with their extensive experience, have a pulse on which appliances are reliable and which might be prone to issues. Furthermore, their familiarity with the after-sales service of various brands can be a crucial factor in your decision-making process. Investing in an appliance isn’t just about the immediate impact; it’s about ensuring its longevity and functionality in your kitchen for years to come.

Visual and functional consistency of appliances from the same Gaggenau range

Visual and functional consistency of appliances from the same Gaggenau range

Start Your Kitchen Renovation Journey With Dan Kitchens

In an ideal world, kitchen renovations would seamlessly integrate every desired appliance without a second thought. However, the reality is that each choice requires careful consideration and expert guidance.

At Dan Kitchens, we understand that your dream kitchen is a blend of practicality, style, and personal preference. We believe in making every decision count, guiding you to select appliances that not only enhance your kitchen’s functionality but also reflect your unique style. Let our team help you navigate through these crucial choices, ensuring your kitchen is not just a collection of appliances, but a harmonious, efficient, and beautiful space that resonates with your individual taste.