Birchgrove Project

Projects like Birchgrove are rare and special and are to be cherished and enjoyed by all of those privileged enough to play a part, no matter how big or how small, in bringing them to reality.
A freshly painted weatherboard cottage, as seen from street level, conceals an amazing three level residence, fitted out to the highest standard, in a style that can only be described as world class modern Australian.
Make no mistake, the apparent simplicity and clean lines on show in this spacious Birchgrove property are uber sophisticated, sublimely subtle and ever so difficult to get right. Nobbs Radford Architects visionary response to the client’s brief is abundantly demonstrated in the clever intersections of shapes, volumes, functions and finishes, all brought to life by Artechne (builders) and Dan Kitchens (joinery).
Now, a few years down the track, the project continues to instil satisfaction and pride in the hearts and minds of the skilled cabinet makers, installers and design team at Dan Kitchens.
The staff lunchroom conversations at Dan Kitchens are laced with memories of carefully “smoking” oak timber veneer used in joinery throughout the house so that it matched solid oak floorboards specially imported from France and other memories of handling and installing a massively heavy stainless steel structure surrounding the cooktop area in the kitchen.
As descriptive and impressive as photographs of the project may be, nothing will ever come close to conveying the sheer beauty and quiet presence exuded in every corner of this standout project.
Birchgrove Project 014

Looking down the hallway towards the main bedroom. Design: Nobbs Radford Architects.

Birchgrove Project 013

Timber veneer doors. Design: Nobbs Radford Architects.

Birchgrove Project 015

The upstairs bathroom. Design: Nobbs Radford Architects.

Birchgrove Project 017

The stairwell joinery wraps around and forms part of kitchen. A lot of hard effort went into getting this seemingly simple effect to work. Design: Nobbs Radford Architects.

Birchgrove Project 008

The combined kitchen, dining and living spaces. Design: Nobbs Radford Architects.

Birchgrove Timber Kitchen

The appliances are concealed as much as possible creating a very seamless and sophisticated look. The kitchen joinery is made from American Oak (quarter cut). Design: Nobbs Radford Architects.

Birchgrove Kitchen showing the concrete cantilever island

The kitchen with cantilevered island. Design: Nobbs Radford Architects.

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