2023 is almost upon us, and as the new year beckons, so too does a new era in the kitchen design landscape. While recent times have favoured the showhome aesthetic, Australian homeowners are now shifting their preferences. With nostalgia informing the kitchen design choices of many, we’re often winding back the clock to reproduce some of the more homely designs from bygone eras, but with all the knowledge and expert craftsmanship of the modern day. 

From the hamptons style kitchen and its highly detailed joinery to minimalist and luxurious modern kitchen designs, the expert team at Dan Kitchens has vast experience installing a huge variety of kitchens. Our team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality designs that meet your unique needs, whether you’re traditionally minded or contemporary-focused. To help you select a design for your next kitchen renovations Sydney, our team has highlighted some of the most popular trends that will engulf the 2023 design landscape.  

Curved Panelling in the Kitchen

A design feature harking back to the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s, curved panelling is one of the hottest kitchen design trends you can expect to see in 2023. Working to highlight your kitchen as the focal point of your home, curved edges offer a softer and cleaner look that emphasises the space within your home. 

Something of an anti-thesis to the clinical look of the square-edged kitchens that have dominated in recent times, curved panelling can be included within a wide range of new kitchen designs. Whether you’d like to have curved fixtures in your kitchen, make your island the centrepiece of your home with curved edges, or you’d like to install a curved feature point at the end of your benchtop, the team at Dan Kitchens can make your desires come to life. If you’d like to install these features into a hamptons style kitchen or you’re looking to undertake kitchen renovations Sydney to reinvent your home, we can cater to your needs. 

Curved Kitchen

Curved kitchen design

Timber On The Rise

Reflective of our embracing of nature, we’re seeing a huge increase in timber elements in the kitchen. Providing a unique look every time, timber inclusions add a sense of warmth to kitchens that make for a fantastic family environment. While entirely timber kitchens are still common, the creative addition of timber elements is a striking and versatile design choice that fits a wide range of kitchen designs. 

Whether in the form of bespoke display shelving, contoured panels, or doors that form an accent against luxurious marble benchtops, timber is becoming favoured as a secondary feature and backdrop within new kitchen designs. When you undertake your kitchen renovations Sydney in 2023, reach out to the team at Dan Kitchens. With vast experience in creating timber solutions to meet our customer’s unique needs, we can provide you with the highest quality timber inclusions to create a great feature point within your kitchen. 

Timber Kitchen

Timber inclusions

Narrow Frame Shaker Doors and Panels

Shaker-style kitchens have been a firm favourite for almost a century, and you can expect this to continue within 2023. This highly adaptable design inclusion is easily distinguishable, creating a frame around doors and drawers within a kitchen. Recently, shaker doors and panels have been increasingly installed with narrower frames, offering a modern twist on the timeless visual appeal that has been present in many kitchen styles. 

With clean lines offering a simple and classic design, this elegant design feature is expected to remain prominent in a range of new kitchen designs in 2023. Nostalgically drawing on the simplicity of the hamptons style kitchen that so many Australians have come to know and love, narrow frame shaker doors and panels make for a practical and clean aesthetic befitting of a wide range of kitchens.

Narrow Shaker Kitchen

Narrow frame shaker doors

Welcome Back to the 1970s

An era known for its transitional styles, outlandish colour palettes and warm embrace of nature, 1970s styling has well and truly come back into trend just in time for 2023. 

Adding a sense of life and personality for several decades, timber has become a staple of modern living and new kitchen designs. Offering a soft and calming feel following a notable shift in societal mindset in the 1970s, the modern preference towards timber may be linked in a similar fashion to  the covid-aftermath, where we as a society gradually came to recognise the significance of nature, embracing its presence in our homes. 

In a similar vein, plants have increasingly made their way into our homes, and kitchen designs are transitioning to incorporate dedicated spaces for plants. Adding a natural and contrasting edge to new kitchen designs and existing styles alike, plants are a calming inclusion that can purify the air and create a sense of sanctity in the most important part of the home. 

Notably, the extravagant colour choices of the 1970s are also making their way into the contemporary kitchen design conversation, though in a less intrusive manner thankfully. Following the trend of both the 1970s and the modern-day of incorporating natural elements into kitchen designs, green has become an absolute must-have colour. While the avocado and lime green palettes of the 70s are behind us, cool mint and sage greens have made their way into the limelight as timeless and soothing splashes of colour. 

While the extravagance and in-your-face design choices of the 1970s may be gone, the ideas at the heart of these choices live on and will breathe new life into the kitchens of 2023. 

Hamptons Style Kitchen

Hamptons Style Kitchen

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