August 26, 2020

How do you create a contemporary kitchen?

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Contemporary Kitchen Cherrybrook

As our lives grow busier or in the case of Covid-19 – more home oriented, many of us are focusing on creating beautiful spaces in order to relax and leave the stress of the day behind. Contemporary kitchens, are the heart of many Australian homes, and therefore are a primary place to establish this comfortable and inviting feeling.

Contemporary kitchen designs focus on creating spacious, open plan rooms with easy to access functionality and storage. They are often minimalist and aim to remove obstructed sight lines and unattractive clutter, which would disrupt the open concept.

Identifiable features of contemporary kitchens include, island benches, multifunctional seating and dining spaces, smart home integrations, a combination of sleek man made materials, like steel and concrete; and natural materials, like stone and wood.

If you are currently considering a kitchen renovation, and want it to have a contemporary feel, then the following points will help you with your decision making.

Cherrybrook Kitchen Project

Open plan kitchen – Dan Kitchens Cherrybrook Project



Spaciousness is the foundation of a contemporary kitchen. An open and uncluttered space can be achieved through form, styling and clever use of negative space. This is vital to how your kitchen will offer storage solutions as well as easy access to appliances. By ensuring that your most commonly used kitchen functions are within reach but also not located in a way that obstructs or segments the room, the experience in the kitchen will feel welcoming and highly convenient.

Northmead Mid res 002 1

Kitchen Island – Dan Kitchens Northmead Project


Island Benches

Island benches are a common feature of contemporary kitchens, as they enhance open plan layouts and provide a multifunctional space which can be used for meal preparation, dining, seating, serving, and more. Incorporating an island bench into a contemporary kitchen design will blend the kitchen with adjoining zones of the home, in most cases the kitchen and dining rooms. This is beneficial as the seamless transition between rooms will emphasise the scale and make the kitchen and dining spaces feel impressive and grand.

Hush Bugg Kellie David Rev 1

A kitchen with many doors, drawers and appliances can take a lot of planning to have the reveals looking consistent – Image created through the Dan Kitchens Design Service.


Sight Lines & Clutter
Consistency plays a big role in contemporary kitchen design. One of the easiest ways to achieve a consistent and seamless design, is through effectively planning where lines meet and overlap. The gaps between your drawers and doors (often referred to as ‘reveals’), as well as the overall form and shape, require careful consideration when planning a contemporary kitchen. Where possible, cabinet doors and drawers should be the same width to achieve a visually appealing, consistent look.

When styling your contemporary kitchen, this consistent flow is key. All appliances, cookware and utensils should have a place, to ensure that no spaces become cluttered from everyday use. Ideally, keeping the kitchen tidy and organised should be effortless and a thoughtful layout should promote this innately.

Mulgoa Mid Res 030

Texture add tactility and playfulness to otherwise stark surfaces – Dan Kitchens Mulgoa Project


Texture & Materiality

The styling of a contemporary kitchen is often minimal with textural elements used to add personality and charm to the space. These textures, such as wood grains and stone, provide warmth and tactility which grounds open plan spaces. By Incorporating texture into doors, drawers, flooring, splashbacks, benchtops and the general styling you can add detail without obstructing sight lines and adding clutter. These materials are also subtly welcoming and homely, preventing a new kitchen from feeling stark and soulless.

Designer cabinetry and benches, including bespoke joinery, v groove panelling, fluting and even stone work, can make a kitchen truly stand out and feel unique. You may choose to make your kitchen island a feature, or tie in cabinetry with a panel detail. If done right, these small touches can be the difference between a simple kitchen renovation and a true luxury kitchen design.

Mulgoa Mid Res 022

Small Integrated Fridge and Freezers hidden behind drawers – Dan Kitchens Mulgoa Project


Integrated Modern Technology

Modern appliances are an essential component of any contemporary kitchen. They play a role in adding functionality and convenience to the kitchen, but are designer pieces which complement the kitchen’s style and add value.

Smart home features like Google Home and Amazon Alexa can allow you to operate your technology hands free and even remotely. This can include anything from changing your lighting scheme to playing your favourite music. Additionally, you may want to incorporate charging stations, TV screens and speakers so your kitchen can further become the focal hub of your home.

In order to make all of this technology still look and feel inviting, your contemporary kitchen design, may necessitate that large appliances are integrated within the cabinetry, so that they are hidden but still accessible. Integrating appliances such as fridges and dishwashers into cabinetry, helps to create a seamless design which feels modern and also future proofs your kitchen against any technology changes which may arise.

These few tips alone can start you on your way in preparing for a modern kitchen renovation. By defining a consistent, modern and sleek design, you will be sure to create a space which is inviting, relaxing and complements the style of the home. This is a vitally important step in creating a space where people will feel comfortable and inspired.

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