September 19, 2022

Challenges Facing Homeowners Undertaking Kitchen Renovations In Sydney In 2022 & 2023

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There are many challenges for homeowners undertaking kitchen renovations in Sydney over the coming year. Much of the challenges are out of the homeowners direct control, with many of these problems affecting kitchen manufacturers and suppliers. Our team at Dan Kitchens have covered these challenges and can provide some insight and guidance if you are looking to begin a kitchen renovation.

Availability of appliances

There has been a limited availability of appliances which is a challenge for homeowners who are not only undertaking kitchen renovations in Sydney, but across Australia.

If you are searching for specific appliances such as certain tapware design and style, such as for a Hampton style kitchen, it may be beneficial to investigate availability prior to beginning your kitchen renovations. In some circumstances, if payment is made in full for appliances this may secure your supply and can lock in a delivery date. If this is a feasible option for your circumstance this may be a beneficial option to investigate. A warning though – never pay in full unless it’s from a reputable retailer.

If you are aware of delays for your chosen appliances it may be useful to consider a local supplier as this may limit your exposure to shipping delays and will minimise COVID-19 related delays. If an appliance you desire has a long wait time, you will need push back your renovation to a later date to ensure you have all your appliances for the kitchen installation.

Availability of parts and materials

Many of the kitchens manufactured in Australia utilise parts and materials sourced from overseas. These include but are not limited to kitchen hardware (hinges and drawer runners), benchtop slabs (natural and man-made), wood veneers and slid timbers. There has been limited availability of these items that are manufactured overseas due to shipping issues, COVID-19 implications, and the war in Ukraine.

The bushfires in 2019/2020 destroyed many forestry plantations which consequently caused a shortage in locally grown timber products. Most locally made kitchens contain a high proportion of Australian timber resulting in a shortage of supply and an increased cost of these products.

If you have chosen to specify your own materials for a specific kitchen design such as hamptons style kitchen, it may be beneficial to speak with your kitchen manufacturer to understand their availability and potential wait times.

Price increases

There has been a significant increase in the prices of goods and services in most industries over the past 2 years. Kitchen companies have seen a 5-10% price increase in shipping and freight costs for kitchen components from suppliers. Most manufacturers will have passed this price increase onto consumers.

At Dan Kitchens we generally recommend for you to lock-in the cost of your kitchen renovation by signing the manufacturer’s contract to avoid potential price increases.

Extended waits for projects to begin

There has been a boom in kitchen renovations Sydney and throughout Australia in 2022. Due to the lockdowns Sydney and Australia experienced in 2020 and 2021 alongside staff shortages due to COVID-19 there has been a backlog of kitchen projects that are waiting to get started. Many homeowners that are looking to start their kitchen renovations are being faced with later starting dates than initially anticipated.

It is recommended to not wait too long before committing to starting your kitchen renovation as production times and schedules are continuing to be extended for many manufacturers. If you are not wanting to wait for a kitchen renovation or are wanting to begin as soon as possible, it may be beneficial to contact various manufacturers to find a manufacturer who can offer a timeframe that suits you and your specific circumstances.

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