Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? You may have heard of Hampton style kitchens as they have become a popular style for new kitchen designs and are often chosen for kitchen renovations in Sydney.

Hampton style kitchens utilise a range of features that help this design to stand out, making the design appeal to many people. At Dan Kitchens, we can help you make choices regarding details, finishes and appliances that suit you and your style when you are considering a new kitchen design, such as a Hamptons style kitchen.

Below are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get at Dan Kitchens about Hampton Style Kitchen Designs:

What is the origin of Hamptons Style Kitchens?

Hamptons style kitchens originated in America, specifically in New York. Once people started seeing photos of the features and general colour palette of this style online, many people were drawn to the classic and relaxed vibe that these kitchens have, making the design popular worldwide.

Hamptons style kitchens grew in popularity not only because of their specific design and style, but also because people liked this relaxed and traditional look throughout their entire homes. For many people, this kitchen style tied the style of the whole house together, from the kitchen through to the living room.

What are the features of a Hamptons Style Kitchen?

Hamptons style kitchens are often linked to relaxed coastal themes, especially within Australia. People generally like the look of this style kitchen as it showcases a bright and relaxed vibe, with a bit of luxury!

Hamptons style kitchens have several key features, with the main feature being that the style is associated with a lot of white, paired with some neutral tones such as beige and light grey. Hamptons style kitchens generally utilise small details throughout the kitchen space, which may be seen through chrome finishes or through tap and handle choices.

Hamptons style kitchens often utilise natural materials which are showcased through marble benchtops, that have a majority white background colour with a fine grey or dark grey marble pattern throughout the benchtop. Generally, Hamptons style kitchens have quite detailed panelling on cupboards, drawers, and doors to contrast from the simplicity of the colour scheme.


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How did the style reach us in Australia and how did it get so popular?

Hamptons style kitchens were identified as a new kitchen design around the time that the US renovation site ‘Houzz’ launched in Australia. This site grew in popularity extremely quickly, although they had a strong focus on American content rather than Australian-based content. With this being said, the Australian audience loved the content of the new kitchen designs that were displayed on the site, the main one being the Hamptons style kitchen.

Once the popularity and interest grew in the Hamptons style design, people started to re-create and design similar styled kitchens in Australia. It was extremely popular as many people linked the style to coastal themes, whilst still being suitable for traditional style homes.

How does Dan Kitchens interpret Hamptons style?

At Dan Kitchens, we approached the Hamptons style from a highly detailed and luxurious design standpoint compared to what we have previously seen in Australia. We included various aspects that are aesthetically pleasing and stand out, such as decorative pendant lighting pieces and old-world crafted fittings such as bridge taps and detailed handles. Our Hamptons kitchen designs are known for their detailed joinery and use of exquisite materials throughout the kitchen.

Once our talented team at Dan Kitchens started creating the Hamptons style design in kitchen renovations and projects, we often paired the style with large stainless steel appliances such as Sub-Zero and Wolf. Many people who choose a Hamptons style kitchen will also choose traditional tapware such as Perrin and Rowe as this ties the design together seamlessly.


Hamptons kitchen with white doors and calacatta marble tops

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