December 15, 2020

Safely Renovate Your Kitchen During COVID With Dan Kitchens

Expert Advice

Luxury Kitchen Mosman | Dan KitchensDue to the unforeseen challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, many families have spent much more time at home; as a result, we have seen a rising demand for kitchen renovations, as many homeowners want to increase the comfortability and functionality of their home.

With restrictions changing almost every week, there has been a lot of questions from customers about how to go about renovating their home safely. Luckily as we all have learnt more about Covid, we have been able to adjust daily life to be as safe and regular as possible.  

Dan Kitchens Australia has put together a health guide for homeowners on what you can expect for safe kitchen renovations during Covid. The following information has been advised by the NSW Covid Safe Construction and Tradespeople Guide. Besides, throughout the pandemic, home construction and remodelling has been considered an essential service.

           How Dan Kitchens Socially Distances During Renovations 

We have instructed our onsite teams to enforce social distancing rules and strict hygiene, to minimise the risk of spreading germs. Some things you can expect your tradespeople to do during your next modern kitchen renovation are as follows, however, if you have any other concerns, please speak with your kitchen coordinator.

Before entering your home, tradespeople should:

  • Self-check for symptoms daily and sign their company’s COVID declaration form.
  • Sanitise hands.
  • Perform a temperature check.
  • Wear a mask if requested by the client.

Once inside your home tradespeople should:

  • Obey the 1.5m social distancing rule where possible.
  • Obey the 4-metre square rule where possible.
  • Minimise the sharing of tools.
  • Practice good hand hygiene.
  • Put up plastic sheeting barriers around openings to the kitchen area. This practice was initially adopted to reduce dust spreading outside the kitchen space but has the added benefit of lowering virus transmission. Putting up plastic sheeting doesn’t completely stop air flow between spaces but does reduce it.
  • Vacuum the kitchen space at the end of each day.

The tradespeople to expect on site:

  • Kitchen Designer – 1 visit for the Initial consultation, photos, note-taking and measure (initial consultation can also be done via Zoom).
  • Kitchen Coordinator – 1-2 visits at Check-measure and inspection.
  • Installers – the people you will see most at multiple times for removal and disposal of the old kitchen, installation of kitchen, installation of benchtops and glass/stone splashbacks.
  • Plumbers and electricians – during the rough-in stage, when wiring and plumbing are installed, and during the installation of appliances.
  • Stonemasons – 2 visits, once to check measure (1 person) and once to install (2 or more people depending on the weight of stone slabs and access).
  • Other tradespeople that may be present – builders, tilers, floor sanders, carpenters, gyprockers, rangehood ducting installers and painters.

How Homeowners Can Prepare for Safe Renovations

Homeowners can also take a pragmatic approach in creating a safe environment for themselves and tradespeople to work in.  Some things homeowners can do to prepare their home for a safe kitchen renovation can include: –

  • Open windows to improve airflow. Ventilation is known to be one of the best ways to dilute and disperse potential viruses from the air.
  • Provide hand sanitiser.
  • Obey the 1.5m social distancing rule.
  • Wear a mask. It not only aids in protecting yourself but also protects others.
  • Clean/disinfect common areas daily like shared toilet facilities, taps and handles.
  • Go on a holiday during the renovation. It is not as uncommon as you think as Dan Kitchens works this way regularly with clients – you’ll need to place your trust in your kitchen company. Typical renos run for about 2-3 weeks but may be spread out due to the fabrication time of stone benches and glass splashbacks.
  • Provide an outdoor break area for meals.
  • Ask your kitchen company to arrange for a post-installation clean of all kitchen surfaces.

Getting Started

No matter if you need a large contemporary kitchen renovation in Hornsby or to a small contemporary kitchen renovation in Mosman, Dan Kitchen’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional contemporary kitchen. You can check out some of our recent kitchen renovations which were all within the NSW COVID Safe – Construction and Tradespeople Guide.

Are you ready to get started? Why don’t you speak to the expert kitchen design team at Dan Kitchens and get the premium designer look you desire, as well as all of the functionality you expect from a high-end kitchen.

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