Kitchen renovations are an enticing project to ponder over – a brand new contemporary kitchen with enhanced functionality and storage! But, how do you make ends meet during the renovation? There is no way to steer clear of a bit of inconvenience during a kitchen renovation, but devising a plan well ahead of time will make the task more of a breeze.

From small apartment kitchen renovations in Sydney to extensive kitchen renovations on the North Shore, the true difficulty is ensuring that the project is run as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. So, to help take the pressure off, here are some tips that our experts at Dan Kitchens have created that will turn your kitchen renovation from project nightmare to project smooth!

Vacate the Kitchen

Renovating a kitchen is much like moving house. There will be tradespeople moving in and out of your space, so ensure you pack away your kitchen contents in stackable sealed tubs, which can be easily moved to the garage or spare room, away from major foot traffic areas.

Utilise this time as an opportunity to sort through your kitchen items, throwing away any out of date food and re-homing your kitchenware that has gone untouched for years. 


Notify Your Neighbours 

Kitchen renovations can give rise to quite a considerable amount of noise, causing a disturbance to neighbours nearby. It is respectful to be mindful of those who may be affected by your kitchen project. Informing your neighbours that you will be renovating can make them well aware of any times when they can expect noise and traffic. 

Establish a Temporary Kitchen

As the central food preparation zone of the house, it’s essential to have a stand-in kitchen while undertaking a kitchen renovation. As much as it may be a novelty at first, eating out for every meal is not much of a feasible option. 

If you’ve got a second kitchen, then your set, but most of us don’t. Most homeowners set up their temporary kitchen at a dining table or camp kitchen table. Portable gas stoves can come in handy for cooking, but don’t put high culinary standards on yourself during this time. Try stocking up on easy to prepare meals.

On the other hand, if you trust your kitchen company and have a dedicated installation manager, like our experts at Dan Kitchens, why not go on a family vacation, as some of our clients choose to do during their Sydney kitchen renovation. Your designated project manager will provide you with any required updates and will notify you if they need approval under any circumstances.

Arrange Parking For Your Tradespeople

From previous encounters working with such kitchen renovations on the North Shore, available street parking can be pretty hard to come by. Prior to your kitchen renovation, occupy the closest parking spaces to your home with your vehicles and surrender the spaces for the installation teams, tradespeople and delivery vans.

For large apartment buildings, trades parking, as well as lift access, is often taken care of by the building manager.

Seal Off the Kitchen

The overwhelming amount of dust produced is often unavoidable during your contemporary kitchen renovation. Seal all doors and openings to the kitchen with plastic sheeting to slow down dust dispersing throughout the house.

Use a low residue, long-duration painter’s tape to apply the sheeting to painted surfaces. It’s even advisable to cover all furniture, wall art or any items in adjoining rooms to prevent dust from settling on them.

Sometimes cutting will need to be done outside due to the dust generated. Your installation manager will discuss with you about securing an appropriate area for the installers to carry out such tasks.

Protect Heavy Foot Traffic Areas

You should expect a lot of foot traffic in work boots, with bulky, heavy items like demolished kitchen cabinets going out and new cabinets and appliances being carried in. Before the commencement of your kitchen renovation, it is a good idea to map out a path that the tradespeople will use to access the area. Lay down ​​thin boards like MDF or thick blankets to protect your carpet and flooring along the work path and stick them down on the edges, so there are no trip hazards created for anyone.

Although, more service-orientated kitchen companies will assess and provide this protection, so check with them beforehand.

Remove Any Obstacles 

It is recommended to remove any obstacles leading to the kitchen space. This may include pot plants, hall tables, toys or even pets.

Ensure your pets are kept away from the kitchen space. Kitchen renovations can be a dangerous and noisy work environment. When workers are carrying materials in and out of your home, doors are kept open for extended periods of time, and it would be all too easy for pets to get out. The last thing you would want is to start a neighbourhood search for your lost pet so make sure that you notify your installation manager about any pets that you may have. 

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