Cremorne Point Project 2

The owners of this harbour-side apartment first contacted Dan Kitchens early in their renovation journey. Dan Kitchens were asked to  develop an alternative layout to the apartment’s kitchen/laundry/dining and living spaces. Working in tandem with their builder, Dan Kitchens produced a concept that opened up and modernised the apartment.
 The project was completed in two stages, the first being the re-arrangement of the walls, the completion of the kitchen, laundry, display partition and walk in pantry. Later on, the second stage was completed which involved the design and production of an object display unit and a tv unit with space for media equipment, storage, and display shelving. Each joinery item was designed along the same style and standard of quality, and despite the time frame between stages the entire project was consistent.
Display and TV units

The living and dining areas with an object display unit and a tv unit.

The display unit for Asian artifacts

The large object display unit was designed to house the clients impressive collection of Asian artifacts.

Close up of the display unit

The same timber was used throughout the project for consistency.

Close up of the display unit

Beneath the display shelves is extra storage space to service the living area.

Artist's impression of the Display unit

The illustration produced of the object display unit as part of Dan Kitchens’ Design Service >

The matching TV unit

The tv unit. Below the tv houses the hifi equipment. The mesh fronts allow the sound to escape the unit while still remaining concealed.

Artist's impression of the TV unit

The illustration produced of the tv unit as part of Dan Kitchens’ Design Service >

Cremorne Point2 01

The kitchen. The laundry (left) and walk-in-pantry (right) were symmetrically designed around the kitchen.

Cremorne Point2 02

Large stacker doors were installed to lighten the space and to open up the apartment to it’s gorgeous surroundings.

Cremorne Point2 03a

The cooking area contains a minimal induction cooktop and concealed rangehood.

Cremorne Point2 03b

The island is designed to look like a table for informal dining, yet still houses some serious storage room thanks to deep drawers.

Cremorne Point2 04

The benchtops and splashbacks are all made from an engineered quartz stone with subtle patterning.

Cremorne Point2 05

Softly dividing the kitchen area from the living and dining areas is a display cabinet unit.

Artist's impression of the Kitchen

A photo-realistic illustration of the kitchen area was as part of Dan Kitchens’ Design Service >

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