January 24, 2022

Dan’s Guide to Luxury Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

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Many of us have gained a whole new respect for our kitchens during the pandemic, now a source of beauty, social life, ergonomics, and life itself. So, it’s no surprise that such an essential aspect of interior design is regularly upgraded and revamped.

But, as we approach the new year, we’ve recognised how important it is to have a multi-faceted kitchen which has guided our predictions for 2022 luxury kitchen trends.

A Shift Away from Monochromatic Colour Schemes

Toss away the rulebook favouring minimalist colour combinations as 2022 kitchen trends feature bold colour alternatives. Modern kitchens are now brimming with memorable colour options from appliances to flooring, kitchen tile, and cabinetry.

Our houses have served as a haven and a source of inspiration for us, and we anticipate that homeowners will have a lot more fun with kitchen colours in the next year. Colour selection is a personal experience, so homeowners should select a kitchen colour scheme that makes them happy.

Like this kitchen renovation north shore which features a striking and contemporary colour scheme with dark navy polyurethane cabinetry. Two-tone kitchens are liked for their adaptability as they open many possibilities. Complementary hues like this white and dark-navy combo work best as the design is simplified and used to produce an eye-catching arrangement of light and dark surfaces.

Balmoral Mid Res 007 

Shaker Kitchens with a Difference

As a result of the pandemic, many people want to bring a sense of homey comfort into their kitchens.

Shaker kitchens have been popular for almost a century, and there’s no reason to believe they won’t remain fashionable in another 100 years.

While the shaker kitchen is a historic style initially used in the mid-eighteenth century, the Shaker style lends itself to modern kitchens because of its clean lines and simplicity, which are both prominent in contemporary interior design.

Although in 2022, we will see an even more significant resurgence of shaker kitchens with a sophisticated twist with thin frames and no sub-way tiles to create elegant simplicity. Shaker style kitchen is a popular choice for any house style because of its timeless appeal that complements various interior design styles.

This practical design emphasises excellent artistry and minimalist aesthetic, which typically favour clean whites and mild greys in Hamptons and Scandi-style houses. Shaker kitchen feature lends depth to the otherwise flat designs.


Go Green with Eco-Style

The popularity of eco-style is still at an all-time high since in all kitchen renovations Sydney, from kitchen renovations Hornsby to kitchen renovations North Shore. Whether it’s directly through material features of the kitchen or indirectly through furniture such as prints, pendants, handles, decoration etc.

Natural and organic elements – such as rich wood, polished metal, natural stone, and a combination of textures – are trending as a rally against the coldness and harshness of previous kitchen trends and a desire to make our home spaces appear softer and more natural.

Plants can quickly liven up your kitchen and breathe fresh life into your space, from a fancy vase of lush greenery or a handful of your favourite houseplants. Whether it’s varnished in its original state or coloured, timber creates the ideal foundation for adding a warm, distinctive, and personal touch into our kitchens.

Artist's impression of the kitchen


Let’s Get Curvy

Just as 2022 kitchens are taking an interest in the eco-style trend, organic curves will also have their spotlight in Sydney kitchen renovations. Curves are all about softness and adding a calming influence in a kitchen, instead of the previous trend of clean lines and minimalist cabinets, which can appear rigid and sharp.

There are various ways to incorporate the curved trend into your luxury kitchen design, from arches to windows, joinery to décor, architectural statement range hoods, curved island benchtops, cabinet fronts and everywhere in between.

Curves add a welcome touch of intrigue to modern interiors, adding elegance and grace to kitchen designs, just like the circular inspired arcs of the pendants in this kitchen renovation north shore, which softens the kitchen’s design.

Overall image of the shaker kitchen


Greater Exploration of Materials and Textures for Cabinet Fronts

When it comes to blending materials, contrast reigns supreme; the secret is to ensure that each element utilised helps the others to shine.

In this rich and bright family kitchen renovation north shore, the luxurious display cabinets screened with English made Diamond grills are combined with the marble benchtop and deep green cabinetry for a classy take on an industrial style. Tactile materials add a pop of texture to any space and generate a confidence in mixing styles. Marble, wood, and metallics work well together, with various colours of wood and metal adding warmth and contrast to a cool marble surface.

Turramurra Mid res 007 

Lots More Functional Lighting

Lighting in a kitchen is always a struggle to get right, but the art of layering light will be crucial to creating functional kitchen designs in 2022. The need for practical kitchens motivates this lighting trend, as inside and under-cabinet lighting is utilitarian in nature as the installations take up the least amount of space feasible while also being as effective as possible.

Under-cabinet lighting with the proper style will add drama and beauty to the kitchen. To offer a uniform quantity of illumination throughout the full length of a kitchen counter, under-cabinet illumination eliminates any shadows, making food prep and recipe reading more effortless than ever.

In addition, display cabinet lighting in which LED downlights are installed inside the top of a cabinet highlights a single item or a whole collection of precious aesthetic objects. When illuminated, display cabinet lighting fixtures are not only gorgeous, but they are also quite efficient.

Cremorne Point2 05 

More Subtle, Less Veiny Stone Benchtops and Splashbacks

The reintroduction of marble is a trend that is sweeping the style charts and shaking up interiors—the season for stripped-back veined marble is unmistakable opulence and next-level design.

Marble is a natural stone that has been a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms for centuries. Therefore, marble can survive passing fads, making it an excellent investment and kitchen benchtop option. Marble creates an eye-catching feature, just like in this kitchen renovation north shore, which features an ultra-durable Dekton Entzo benchtop with matching splashback.

A Luxurious traditional kitchen from Dan Kitchens


Greater Attention to Kitchen Handles as a Statement

There are numerous considerations to be made with a Sydney kitchen renovation, and the necessity of selecting appropriate cabinetry hardware is usually overlooked. Cabinet handles, knobs, and pulls are the finishing touches on your joinery, and they may quickly make or break the final appearance and feel of your new house.

Hardware is all about functionality, so make sure the handles you choose are comfortable to wrap your hands over or inside. In addition, in 2022 luxury kitchen design trends, we will see more complicated hardware design, which complements the more ornate form of joinery. Handles will be used to make a glamorous and bold statement instead of sleek and subtle accessories.

For example, the small organic shapes with soft and round handles perfectly complement the larger handles in this north shore kitchen renovation.

An AGA cooktop in light blue


How Does Dan Kitchens Ensure Sustainable Kitchen Renovations Sydney?

We hope this article has started to let your imagination run wild for your next kitchen renovation. Ready to get your kitchen renovation started?

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