August 25, 2021

6 Considerations for Selecting Perfect Kitchen Handles

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Whether classic, contemporary, or somewhere in between, handles add the finishing touch to a new kitchen design, assisting in setting the overall tone of the space.

But, with a seemingly endless selection of handle designs, materials and finishes to pick from, choosing which handle will look best in your dream kitchen can seem like an overwhelming decision. So, to assist you, here are the top six factors to consider when selecting handles to ensure a beautiful and functional kitchen renovation Sydney.

1. Let the Aesthetics of Your New Kitchen Design Guide Your Choice

Typically, kitchen door handles are associated with specific design styles. Depending on how cohesive you want your new kitchen design to be will influence the colour, material, shape, position, and design of the perfect kitchen handle for the room’s aesthetic.

Since handles have a significant impact on the overall vibe of your kitchen and can easily sway the design in one direction or the other, it’s easier to choose a kitchen handle once you have nailed down the style of handles you want.

For reference, let’s break down a recent Dan Kitchens renovation to see how our design team chose kitchen handles for this contemporary kitchen renovation on the North Shore.

Luxury Kitchen Mosman | Dan Kitchens

First, the finish and colour of handles has probably the most significant impact on the handle aesthetic and are available in an endless array of colours from polished chrome silver, matte black etc. In this kitchen renovation North Shore, there was an emphasis on matte black throughout the contemporary kitchen, so choosing a matching handle colour ensures the new kitchen design blends together seamlessly. On the other hand, a traditional kitchen design may opt for a brushed stainless-steel handle for a more sleek look, which might also match the other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovations Mosman | Dan Kitchens

In addition, the shape and size of handles affect the look of the new kitchen design. For example, larger and longer handles will create a busier look, while small and rounded handles could be used to match rounded elements like benchtops. In this North Shore kitchen renovation, slim finger-grip handles were used to create clean lines throughout the kitchen, ensuring a matching contemporary kitchen aesthetic.

Kitchen Renovations Mosman | Dan Kitchens

Finally, the positioning design of handles are fundamental in a new kitchen design. In our example, the kitchen renovation uses barely visible integrated handles as this design pairs well with minimalistic and contemporary kitchens.

The flush design of these handles also increases safety! As the handles are less likely to catch on clothes or knock people as they walk around the kitchen, in contrast to traditional handles that stick out.

Homeowners can also use the same handles on appliances, like the dishwasher in this kitchen renovation North Shore, which removes all the unsightly bulkiness dishwashers tend to bring in contemporary kitchens.


2. Weigh Up the Durability of Materials

When selecting handles, it is crucial to ensure that they are of high quality and well-designed. Not all kitchen handles are made equal, and it pays to know how a handle may age. For instance, timber handles will lose their varnish with use, particularly if in contact with wet hands. For ultimate peace of mind, find out what material the handles are made of and what kind of warranty they come with to ensure no unexpected surprises will pop up in your new kitchen design.


3. Consider Handle Useability

Although you may like the look of a particular handle, it may not be appropriate to use in certain circumstances. For instance, many larger integrated refrigerators require a lot of force to open; therefore, a small handle or a handle with a thin gripping edge is not appropriate here.

Consider how frequently you open and close your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Your handles should be as ergonomic as they are fashionable. Before you buy, try out the handles and see how simple they are to grip.

Also, it is vital to consider the types of people who will be regularly using the kitchen and ensure the handles are the correct size for them. For example, those with large hands or the elderly may have trouble with handleless contemporary kitchens or new kitchen designs with barely visible integrated handles.


4. Identify What Is and Isn’t Available

Some handle suppliers may not keep stock of certain handles, and ordering them in may take some time, particularly if manufactured overseas. So, confirming what is and isn’t available within a specific time frame will avoid this problem if you want to build your kitchen quickly.

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to get all the handles you desire for your kitchen renovation, it’s a good idea to order a few extra. To ensure that you won’t run the risk of out-of-stock products or discontinued models if the unexpected happens. As even in new kitchen designs, a handle’s screw might break, or a handle’s finish might rub off.


5. Ensure the Materials are Sustainable

When it comes to contemporary kitchens in 2021, environmental impact is an important issue that more homeowners are starting to pay attention to in their Sydney kitchen renovations. As a result, the market now offers a plethora of eco-friendly kitchen materials with a much lesser environmental effect.

However, determining environmentally friendly materials can be difficult, so make sure you ask the handle manufacturers and your kitchen designer some simple questions like; are the handles made locally? Are the handles made from sustainable materials? Can the handles be recycled at its end of life?


6. Take the Recommendations from Your Kitchen Manufacturer into Account

To ensure perfect kitchen handle selection, you should also consider what the kitchen manufacturer recommends. There are many reasons why one handle may not be recommended for your particular kitchen renovation. For example, a specific handle might have poor feedback from previous installations, or the handle might be of poor quality or manufacturability.

So, for the best-guaranteed results, always follow the guidance of your kitchen manufacturer and kitchen design team.


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