March 1, 2022

10 Luxury Kitchen Drawer Accessories to Organise Your Kitchen with Style

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Supermarkets haven’t been the same since the frenzy of recent lockdowns and the frequency of bulk-buying habits as a backup plan just in case your household must isolate for an extended period. As a result, since the beginning of Covid, at Dan Kitchens, we have seen a constant increase in kitchen storage demands on design briefs from our luxury kitchen clients.

Homeowners want to make the most of their storage space so they can make fewer journeys to the store. Plus, as we consume more food at home and limit our trips to restaurants, kitchen renovations need innovative methods to store our groceries, whether it’s a pull-out drawer to keep our coffee organised or butlers’ pantries to store more non-perishable food items.

Maintaining a functional, clean, and healthy kitchen environment necessitates the use of smart storage. Especially if you have a smaller, modern apartment kitchen, clutter is challenging to maintain clean and tidy, so it’s preferable to keep your excess stuff off the counters and neatly organised in smart compartments.

Dan Kitchens recently photographed the many organising options we offer for our luxury kitchen renovations. So, if you are seeking smart solutions for your luxury kitchen renovations, here are ten of our most popular kitchen drawer accessories for our luxury kitchen projects to make the most of their available storage space. Find the perfect option for you and start maximising the potential of your cabinets.


  1. Cutlery Drawer Solutions

Cutlery drawer dividers are the essential drawer set up for every new kitchen design. Drawer dividers are ideal for keeping your jumbles of cutlery in an efficient and streamlined set-up by dividing the space into portions. Plus, when you open and close the drawer, the dividers keep all types of cutleries in place rather than tumbling all over!

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  1. Magnetic Knife Drawer Storage

Separating your high-quality knife sets from the rest of your cutlery is a smart storage idea for your next kitchen renovations Sydney for many reasons. Besides, there’s no point in investing in high-end knives if you don’t store them correctly!

Keeping your knives separate is recommended because it stops other kitchen items from slamming into your sharp knives, which can chip or blunt the blades. As the knives stick to the drawer’s knife holder via hidden magnets, this improves safety for you and your family by lowering the chance of cuts while selecting knives for use. Finally, the magnetic knife drawer allows easier access to your knives, declutters your kitchen benchtop, and the installation is suitable for most types of knives.

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  1. Coffee and Tea Drawer Storage

Just like the utensil organisers, the best part of drawer dividers is you can use them for any purpose in your new kitchen designs. For example, if you are a coffee lover, you’ll definitely have to try this coffee and tea drawer set-up! Keep your Nespresso pots and tea bags orderly in a large kitchen drawer by dividing the space into portions with these dividers.

Remember, the limits are endless for drawer dividers, as they are flexible to suit any household’s contemporary kitchen needs. For example, you might store all your children’s items in one drawer, such as cups and school lunch containers, while keeping your coffee in another.

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  1. Utensil Drawer Storage

Particularly in traditional kitchen renovations Sydney, the humble utensil holder typically placed on benchtops was the most popular way to store utensils. However, new kitchen designs opt for organised utensil drawers to eliminate visual clutter. The closed storage ensures that your kitchen utensils are less exposed to collecting dust and germs.


  1. Plate and Bowl Drawer Organisation

Your contemporary kitchen cabinets may quickly become a tangled mess if you don’t have a precise organising strategy in place. These peg organisers make it easier for homeowners to remove and store bowls and plates, making injuries less likely for individuals as they don’t have to reach high up.

Plus, putting your plates and bowls in closed storage keeps the dishes cleaner, in contrast, to open shelving options popular in some ultra-modern new kitchen designs.


  1. Jar Drawer Storage

While dry food is typically kept in a contemporary kitchen pantry, don’t be afraid to do whatever works for you. Instead, forget about the “common” new kitchen designs and organisation methods; try something new in your luxury kitchen renovations like this jar drawer storage solution!

Pull-out drawers allow you to view everything you have while also increasing the amount of storage room available in your luxury kitchen renovations. Pull-out drawers also make retrieving objects a lot easier, rather than digging around in an over stacked cupboard.

However, to ensure that your kitchen is efficient, make sure all your similar items are stored together for aesthetic and functional reasons. It’s more attractive to the eye to group objects that look similar and makes it easier to remember what goes where—and what goes back where.

Smart contemporary kitchen organising tip: it can be visually overwhelming to the eye with a collection of diverse containers loaded with various contents. So, try using the same transparent jars and labels – like we have in this image below – to restore calm in your kitchen storage.

Yes, you can see what’s inside by peering through glass containers, but labels provide just enough distance and information to eliminate the mental effort. It seems a little absurd, but it makes a big impact!

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  1. Cookware Drawer Storage

From small modern apartment kitchens to large kitchen renovations Sydney, installing pull out drawers in your cabinets turns untamed caves to ordered storage units that provide an organised overview of your pots and pans.

Plus, heavy-duty drawers like the inner drawer storage seen below can hold bulky pots, pans and may hold even larger and heavier kitchen devices like a toaster or an air fryer.


  1. Garbage Bin Drawer Storage

Hidden rubbish bins have been a popular luxury kitchen renovations feature for a while, but for good reasons, as this storage solution saves up a ton of floor space and eliminates the nasty smells when it’s time to take out the garbage.

Dan Kitchens can also install a motorised servo connected to the bin drawer, so it can easily be opened with the bump of a knee, great for when you have “chicken hands”.

In addition, they’ll assist your household in incorporating a more sustainable lifestyle into your regular routine. As you can incorporate as many separate bins as you like, making sure your household gets better at recycling and even composting if you wish!

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  1. Spice and Herb Drawer Storage

The key to efficiently storing spices and herbs is to lay them vertically and ensure the labels are easy to see. This helps ensure you can easily see if you have duplicates, which empties or missing bottles, you may make have and makes checking their expiry date easier. Plus, with these easy pull-out drawers, your whole spice and herb collection is on display for easy access, making the bottles at the back as easy to see as the goods at the front.

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  1. Under-Sink Drawer Storage

From small modern apartment kitchens to large kitchen renovations Sydney, the kitchen sink cabinet is challenging to organise because of intrusive plumbing lines, the sink bottom, and pull-out hoses. However, hidden storage is ideal for all new kitchens designs, especially when positioned underneath the kitchen sink like this pull-out drawer storage solution, with two shelves levels.

The bottom shelf is ideal for holding large chemical bottles, and the smaller tray on top is ideal for smaller bits that would otherwise be lost in the back of the cupboard or underneath some other products. This storage solution allows homeowners to see the bottle labels much more clearly, particularly helpful for those messy situations that need fast clean-ups.

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